Your Online Salesperson

Not just another live chat, our Messenger harnesses the power of AI to provide a seamless sales journey for your customers. It starts conversations, asks questions, and delivers leads.


Push Sales

When website visitors are browsing your vehicles, Messenger will ask them if they'd like to leave a deposit, kickstarting the sales process for you.

Drive Action

Customers can start a conversation with your Messenger as soon as they land on your website.

1. Request a Vehicle

Using the Request a Vehicle prompt, customers can send a request directly to you. Our Messenger will ask customers for a vehicle description and contact details before forwarding it onto you.

2. Sell a Vehicle

Customers can also Sell a Vehicle using the Messenger prompt. Once a customer engages in the process, they will be asked to provide their reg number and contact details.

3. Talk to Someone

If a customer would like to speak to a member of your team, our Messenger is the first step. By selecting Talk to Someone from the Messenger window, customers will be asked to supply their contact details and message which is passed on to you.

Help Customers

Messenger detects when a visitor is having trouble finding a vehicle and asks them to describe their ideal vehicle. Leads generated are sent directly to you with the prospects requirements and contact information.

All of Our Features Are:

Fully Customisable

Our features are built to be fully customisable and can be edited to fit your existing website theme and branding.

Easy to Install

Our tools will work with any website theme or provider, including Car Dealer 5, ClickDealer, Starkwood Media Group and more.

Included in Our Monthly Cost

Whether you receive 100 monthly website visitors or ten thousand, the price you pay will remain the same.

Features Designed to Drive Sales

Ready to try

Start selling today with one month's free trial then £29 per month.

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