Automotive Social Proof

Our Social Proof prompt creates urgency by showing how many times your vehicles have been viewed.


Create Urgency

Generate extra leads by creating urgency with our Social Proof prompt. Website visitors are much more likely enquire on your vehicles if they are made aware how popular a vehicle is.

Completely Customisable

It's important that you're Social Proof prompt works with your branding, for this reason, our prompt is completely customisable.

Speed Up Sales

Working alongside our Online Deposits tool, Social Proof drives customers to make their buying decision quicker.

All of Our Features Are:

Fully Customisable

Our features are built to be fully customisable and can be edited to fit your existing website theme and branding.

Easy to Install

Our tools will work with any website theme or provider, including Car Dealer 5, ClickDealer, Starkwood Media Group and more.

Included in Our Monthly Cost

Whether you receive 100 monthly website visitors or ten thousand, the price you pay will remain the same.

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